GenX Group Frequently Asked Questions 

Where are you located?
112-118 North View Drive
Sunshine West
VIC 3020

What are your opening hours?
Monday to Friday, 7am – 4.30pm

What do you do?
We are fitout specialists.  We are able to manufacture bespoke joinery on site in our factory.  We also have a water jet machine which enables us to expertly cut stone.  A metal fabricator is also on staff to take care of any projects that require that specialty. Onsite spray booth.

What products or suppliers do you use?
We work with a number of different suppliers depending on the project requirements.  For stone we utlise a variety depending on what is stated.  Anything from Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz and everything in between.  Blum is our preferred supplier when making cabinetry.  We have a spray booth where we are able to manufacture 2Pac cabinetry.  We also use Laminex if the job specifies.

What sort of projects do you do?
GenX Group has been involved in a range of projects.  From a simple cabinetry shop fitout through to a more complicated job where all facets of the factory are involved in completing the desired requirements to deliver projects on a much grander scale.  We have two onsite CNC Routers and a Water Jet Cutter to assist us in completing these jobs.

What is GenX Tech?
GenX Tech is a subsidary part of GenX Group specialsing in security services such as CCTV, Licence plate and facial recognition, biometrics and card access control as well as intruder detection.

If there are any questions that have not been answered, please contact us: