Fitout Projects

Hazel Restaurant

While Hazel Restaurant is in the same building as Dessous, it has a vastly different look and feel.  Both owned by the Mulberry Group, Hazel a pared-back eatery with a soft, neutral colour scheme and a minimalist design.  It is an airy space bathed in natural light and stone benchtops feature in the design.  The first a stone benchtop that extends along the kitchen edge and creates a place for diners to share a mealwhile getting a close up of the restaurant’s renown chefs and fiery ovens.  The second is a bar that overlooks a custom display cabinet and is surrounded by spaces that creatively use laminate to compliment the bar while still being suitable for such a high traffic area.


Dessous Restaurant

Dessous Restaurant Dessous, meaning ‘underneath’ or ‘below’ in french, is a subterranean bar and restaurant located under Hazel.  It’s a warm and moody assembly of deep greens, plush velvet and dark timber with a challenging bespoke green marble benchtop that was fitted around a pillar – the hero piece of the fitout.  GenX Group also constructed the bespoke custom laminate display cabinets in the bar area.  These cabinets were made to fit with the glamorous, decadent feel within the space.  


Central House

Central House is a five-star shared office space in Moray Street, South Melbourne.  Designed to attract executive professionals, GenX provided joinery for reception desks on two levels as well as collaborative spaces, the mailroom and kitchen areas.  As a premium office space , quality materials and joinery were important for this fitout.  Reception desks feature a circular design that mirrors the entrance to the building with vertical battens stained to match the adjacent cabinetry.  The other is just as impressive on a less grander scale.  The collaborative spaces include booths manufactured inhouse by GenX and our team installed decorative panelling throughout the fitout as well as cabinetry in the mailroom and kitchen area.  A key consideration for Central House was to provide a safe environment for multiple clients to work given prevailing Covid conditions.  GenX was able to provide advice on materials that will withstand increased cleaning requirements while still presenting the premium image important to Central House.    


Work Club Melbourne Older Fleet

Located at 477 Collins Street, Work Club’s private workspaces occupy the three heritage buildings at Olderfleet which were built between 1887 and 1889.  The fitout brings together the ‘old world’ charm of the Gothic and Romanesque Victorian architecture with an innovative new working experience.  Contemporary, high-end finishes featured throughout with high quality joinery that paid tribute to the building’s heritage and supported the luxurious space marketed by Work Club essential.  GenX provided custom kitchenettes on all three levels; each with a different layout and function.  We also provided custom cabinetry and booth seating for Valhalla, Wok Club’s signature underground bar.   

GenX Group Office

GenX Group’s expanded office space and interior update was a great opportunity to showcase our team’s capability to clients and staff.  Updates included a spacious boardroom with multimedia functionality, a new, modern kitchenette, increased storage and a more streamlined approach to print facilities.  Additional offices were also added, all with custom work spaces and cabinetry.  We also created a new common area to increase collaboration across our team.  A purpose-built table is the centrepiece for this space, which is bordered by a custom built plant wall.  Still a work in progress, our team is enjoying having a space where we can come up with solutions and creative ideas for our clients’ interiors. 



Fergusson Plarre, Doncaster

Surrounded by delectable treats, it’s easy to not notice the fitout at Ferguson Plarre, Doncaster, but we’re pretty proud of this one.  From floor to ceiling and everything in between, GenX has created this fitout.  Banquet seating on the store’s edge maximises available seating and creates welcoming entrance.  An eye-catching vertical garden at the rear of the store encourages customers to explore further and new cabinetry throughout showcases the cakes, pastries and other treats Fergusson Plarre is reknown for.


Amazing Graze

Amazing Graze is a beautifully constructed Tea Rooms in the heart of Essendon.
GenX was tasked to complete the entire fitout.  The service counter is a stylish centrepiece with InTrim Mouldings both on the counter and the surrounding walls.  The service counter is framed by the eye-catching arched trio of ProBond gold mirror panels all containing glass shelves.
The wall length plush custom banquette seating with matching chairs completes the luxurious fitout.