GenX Tech, Security Specialists

Security specialists and leaders in the field of Electronic Security, Access Control and CCTV Integration, the GenX Tech team are trained and certified to install and service an elite range of open platform products that meet the most demanding security requirements.

GenX Tech are experienced with working across a number of different industries and able to provide a detailed custom security plan.   Security specialists pushing the boundaries of surveillance and electronic security by working closely with our product suppliers to deliver the very latest of technologies.  

Chris Cassar GenX Tech

Chris Cassar


Chris began his working career as an Apprentice Radio Tradesman (Electronics) with Chubb Electronic Security.  After completing his apprenticeship and qualifying as an Electronic Technician with a Certificate in Digital Equipment Servicing he later went on to Manage, service and support Vangren Technology Service Department. 

2001 saw Chris be contracted to support NAB directly as Security and Risk co-ordinator.  

 After identifying a gap in the market for Specialised Electronics Technical Integration Services, Cascar Electronics Security Integrations was formed in 2003.

Chris partnered with David Xuereb in 2010 to create GenX Group to see Cascar Electronics be rebranded as the technical arm of GenX, GenX Tech.

 With over 32 years industry experience Chris’ hands-on approach over the years has showcased his ability to deliver projects and support the team at GenX Group.

Alarm and Intrusion Detection

Specialising in Alarm and Intrusion detection for every manner of requirements, from a single standalone site to a multi site across Victoria and everything in between.

Our GenX Tech security certified team will tailor a solution to meet your individual needs by working with you throughout the entire process, from design and development, through to training and service support.  The qualified installer and technician team will carry out the system installation before ensuring that you are able to understand and utilise your security investment to the fullest.   By educating you on your system and providing seamless software integration and both software and security maintenance.


    CCTV Systems, CCTV Analytics and CCTV Street Surveillance

    Closed Circuit Television is fastly becoming an essential for business owners.  The surveillance can provide much needed peace of mind both in and outside the premises.  The vision is able to be analysed and algorithms are used to monitor activity.  The sophisticated system is able to be utilised in both real-time or after the fact to search for any incidents that may have transpired.


    Licence Plate Recognition and Facial Recognition Systems

    Licence Plate Recognition is cutting edge technology utilised amongst a number of different industries, including law enforcement.  More recently the technology has crossed over to be used as a more accurate measure of tracking the movements of vehicles in car parks.

    Facial recognition is a system able to match a digital image held on file to that of a person viewed on a camera that has facial recognition capabilities.

    Access Card and Biometric Control Systems

    Access cards can be configured in a large number of different ways, giving the user access to different areas, as well as restricting access to others and only allowing access at the specified hours.

    Biometric control systems do not require cards, they are based fully from the users own biometrics.  The user can be identified by their:

    • Palm Vein
    • Fingerprint
    • Iris scanner
    • face recognition

    This method helps eliminate lost cards and also security breaches.

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